Stephen & Sandra

Just 4 short months after the first scoop of dirt came out of the ground, we were moving into our new home! Throughout the building process, Dan was available days, evenings, and weekends to answer questions, provide expert guidance, assist with selection of materials, and keep a watchful eye on the workmanship of those on the job – he was always there for us. We put our trust in Dan’s choices for designing and finishing the trim and wood accents, and we weren’t disappointed. Now nearly a year later, we still feel very fortunate to live in this beautiful home! 


More to consider when it comes to Johnson Construction… 

• We never worried about someone cutting corners; the people Dan puts on the job know his expectation for quality. 

• If we told Dan we wanted something done, he made sure it happened. 

• Long after we moved in, Dan continued to follow-up. 

• Visitors to our home, who have a background in construction, comment on the attention to detail not found in most homes. 

• The estimated cost Dan provided prior to construction was on target and included allowances for better-grade materials. 

• The five-star energy rating! 

• Dan expects quality from his workers and he gets it.

Trish & Randy

We sold our house unexpectedly fast, had no floor plan or builder in November. We had heard about Dan and the quality craftsmanship of his homes. We met with him and knew right away that he was the builder for us. Dan helped us take what we were looking for in a floor plan, found one and helped modify it to what we wanted. He was patient during this process and gave excellent input. 

Dan kept the building process moving. We broke ground in December and were in our new home in early June. From beginning to end, Dan made the entire building process feel stress free. He was always available in person, via phone or text.

All of Dan’s subcontractors took pride in their work and were friendly and helpful. Both he and his crews paid close attention to details during the building of our home. The detail of the trim work throughout the house is exceptional. 

We could not be more pleased with our home. Dan is an exceptional person to work with. Our house is exactly what we dreamed it would be.

Stuart & Mary

We chose Johnson Construction to build our little slice of heaven in the country.  We highly recommend Dan and his crew to anyone who wants a well-built home.

  • We felt we could trust Dan at our first meetings, and that feeling did not change throughout the building process.

  • He was willing to give us advice when we were at a loss as to how to handle certain things in the process.  It’s nice to have that experience as to what works well and what doesn’t.

  • He even recommended a bank for the building loan, since we had never built a home completely from scratch before (by the way, we also highly recommend Amanda at CSB, Norwalk!).

  • The homes of his that we toured are beautifully done – attention to detail, high-end quality, warm and inviting.

  • He has excellent taste in subcontractors, and holds everyone to a high-degree of quality.

  • The carpenters who work with Johnson Construction are wonderful – they built several custom cabinets for the pantry, a bathroom, the huge island, walnut mantels for the fireplaces. Everything was done so nicely.

  • Many of the suppliers we worked with commented that they really enjoy working with Johnson Construction.  They also commented that Dan is very particular and likes things done the right way, no cheap shortcuts or things that will cause problems down the road.

  • Throughout the process, Dan asked some really good questions at times when we had the ability to save ourselves money down the road (like pre-wiring for a hot tub and expanding our back patio enough to accommodate one, or pre-plumbing for a garage heater).  Yes, this added to the final cost of the house, but it also made it much more likely that we could afford those extra things when we decide to put them in place.  And the choice to add them or not was entirely ours, he just asked the right questions at the right time to give us options.

  • A special shout-out to Anna, the office manager, ever-patient one, and general problem-solver.  She helped us with so many questions throughout the process, always with a smile.

We are very happy with our new home and with our choice of builder.

Mark & Jodi

Mark and I had Johnson Construction build a new home for us in 2009. We had seen the quality of their work in another home and were excited to get the project started. We met with Dan a few times to discuss the bid and the floor plans and make a few adjustments and we were on our way. Dan was excellent to work with. He would answer our questions or address our concerns very promptly. The quality of the work was so great we didn’t even have to have him come back after the first year for any fixes. We had the house certified as an Energy Star home. When the inspector came to test the house, he said he rarely sees a house as tight as ours… and our low energy bills prove it! 

That was my wife; now it’s my turn… If you remember, the later half of 2008 was a tough market for would-be home owners wanting to build. Jodi and I had been through a couple of builders already, but were discontent with customer relations, attitudes, and prices that we were seeing – and having a hard time getting our house plan approved by banks at an appropriate price. A friend at work mentioned Dan, so we gave him a call. Dan was heaven sent. We were immediately comfortable with him and felt that he was totally capable of building us the house of our dreams at the right price. We felt he was honest, sincere, responsible and dedicated to his work. We were right. The building process moved along in a timely fashion. Jodi and I were able to watch and provide input whenever we felt necessary. And when opportunities arose to save money, we were given choices! His subcontractors for kitchens, bath ware, carpets, geo-thermal, etc. were all very nice people and companies to deal with. 

Overall, it was an enjoyable and rewarding experience to see our dream come to life under Dan’s watch. To this day, Jodi and I both reminisce at how fortunate we were to find him. We think you would be fortunate to have him as a builder as well.

Tray & Tammy

In 2009 we built our dream home. After 4 years of living there, the home burnt to the ground. When we decided to build again in 2015, we called Dan Johnson who had done such a beautiful job on the woodwork in our first home that we wanted him involved and decided to have him build our home. It was the best and most important decision we made in the entire building process.

Dan has a very good group of sub-contractors that he actively manages. He makes them keep the site clean and neat even during the construction. Dan worked diligently to keep the progress on schedule and pushed sub-contractors who were slow or didn’t show up. If a job was not done exactly right, he would simply have them do it over again until it was perfect.

We designed the home, but there were of course several details we didn’t think through. Dan was great to work with in designing non-standard things like hidden rooms, a climbing wall, etc. These joint efforts in design created a house that we truly love living in.

Dan was honest to work with and always clear on what things would cost, and he kept to the cost unless we decided to change or add things. We never worried about things on the site or how my family would be treated when they visited. Dan is a man you can trust and ensures his contractors are the same.

Our home is one of those featured on the site, and we would be open to a personal conversation about the process and what to expect any time. We sincerely give Dan and his crew our highest recommendation.

Tim & Julie

Dan Johnson was our general contractor for a home remodel we did recently, and we couldn’t have asked for a better man for the job or a better result. We are both professionals and both work, and did not have time to deal with a contractor we couldn’t trust.


We upgraded our home to a “million dollar look”, and Dan helped us achieve the high end look we wanted. We put in a custom cherry kitchen with slate floors and granite counters, and Dan literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars on the cabinets alone. He matched our kitchen with beautiful hand-crafted cherry cabinets and trim he designed and built for our great room – the look is stunning and just what we wanted.


I can’t say enough about the quality of his work, his eye for detail, and his efforts to save dollars when possible, and his personal supervision of the work. His subcontractors were great as well, and his referrals for lighting, plumbing, etc. were the best in the area (at the best prices, too).


He’s the best contractor we’ve found in Central Iowa, and when you’re done with the project, you will be glad you used him. If we ever build, he will be our builder. He’s earned our trust, and his quality is the best in the business.

Steve & Julie

In regards to Custom Woodworking: 

Johnson Construction performs excellent, high quality remodeling and finishing work. All was performed on a timely basis and completed properly. Best of all, the work place was kept very neat and clean. Dan and his team are solid people, and we would highly recommend them.

Tom & Jill

We have lived in our home for a little over a year now and absolutely love it. Dan did a wonderful job. His close attention to detail shows in every part of our house. 

It was also great knowing that Dan was just a phone call away. If we ever needed anything or had questions, he was always there to answer them promptly. He was willing to take our ideas and implement them into his design, making it OUR home. 


We truly couldn’t ask for a better home and would recommend him to anyone looking to build a new house.

David & Sandy

Thank you for a wonderful home building experience. We enjoyed the personable and professional care you and your subcontractors provided. We highly recommend you to any person looking for a builder. We love our new house – it is truly our dream home.

Scott & Madelyn

Total Remodel and Upgrade with Major Additions:

We have lived in our house for more than 15 years. It is a unique design and is located in a private setting in a wooded area. However, there were two major problems. One, the house was built into the side of a hill without proper planning. And two, the original construction wasn’t the quality required to last a long time. Plus, we needed more space.

Madelyn had been working for a number of years on some designs to address these problems. We were having some trouble finding a contractor to take on this extensive remodeling project. When Dan first talked to us, he gave us confidence that he understood our problems and could do the work to fix them, as well as remodel the house the way we wanted it – including the additions.

A week later he arrived at our house with seven subcontractors who went over all the details of what needed to be done. We were really pleased because now we knew our project could be completed. The problems were extensive enough that the house was gutted down to the studs and all the plumbing and wiring were redone. The basement floors had to be leveled and one area replaced. Sewer lines were cleaned and some replaced. Major waterproofing was undertaken. We worked with Dan almost daily to determine how to fix the problems and to clarify issues. He had a lot of ideas on how things could be built, and he listened to our ideas on how we wanted things to turn out.

The subcontractors Dan works with are knowledgeable, experienced, and a great group of people to be involved with. We tend to be picky about how we want things done. Both Dan and his subs were very helpful and accommodating. At the places where Dan does business for lumber, flooring, lighting, cabinets and countertops, the consultants were very creative and helpful. They guided us through a lot of difficult decisions.

We didn’t have any blueprints for the additions and modifications to the existing rooms. Dan took a computer drawing of house plans we had developed and turned it into a very beautiful unique home. He was great to work with and very creative with his ideas. Trim carpentry is Dan’s specialty, and he and his carpenters built a lot of custom wood trim and built-ins. They also built an excellent deck that wraps around the house on three sides with steps at one end and a ramp at the other, plus a balcony with grating for the deck to allow light to get into the room below.

This was a difficult and complicated remodeling job with a lot of custom work applied to it. Dan did an outstanding job for us. We would definitely recommend Dan Johnson to anyone who needs an extensive remodel of their home. We love our “new” house and frequently marvel about how great everything looks. Living in this house is like being on vacation every day!

Josh & Sarah

My husband and I had been searching for a new construction home in the Waukee area. We had visited several homes before we called our realtor to show us a Johnson Construction home. As soon as we walked in, we knew it was the home we had built in our minds. We were amazed with the meticulous detail and quality in the home, from the floor plan and the deck to the trim and custom woodwork.

Although the home was already built, we had the opportunity to finish the basement including an office area, bedroom, bathroom, and a rec. room with full bar. The most challenging part of the buying and building process was our tight timeline. We needed the construction to be complete and close in about a month. Dan accepted the challenge and remained flexible with modifications and requests made on short notice. For example, the cabinets we wanted for our basement couldn’t be ordered in time. Rather than asking us to choose an alternative, he personally built them to perfectly match the upstairs cabinets.

Each time we called, Dan answered the phone and addressed our needs immediately. He was open to the ideas we had, but he gave his professional opinion when we sought support in decision making. He stayed in personal contact with us through the whole process, and even checked in with us after we got settled in the home.

From the initial offer through construction and closing, Dan proved to be honest and trustworthy. His cost estimates were accurate and the work was completed as discussed. There were no surprises and Dan exceeded our expectations in every way.

Our realtor was as impressed with Dan’s work as we were. She immediately showed and sold the Johnson Construction home next door to ours to another one of her clients. Without hesitation, we will recommend Johnson Construction to our family and friends as well!